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3 KPI's your recruiter needs to be aware of

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Everyone is being judged on their performances, even recruiters in the recruitment world today. Time is valuable, the competition is high, so companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of measuring the performance of their recruitment teams.

Key Performance Indicators, KPI's is a tool for managers to measure the performance of the recruiters and keep an eye on the pipeline creation and it can also highlight once that are slacking. Even if KPI metrics are an excellent resource for managers, they can also benefit the individual recruiter who is being measured.

They keep employees on track and also outlining their goals.

1. Time to hire

When mapping your team's KPIs, the time of hire is important. You need to know how long it takes you to fill the vacancy, also to see where there is a bottleneck in the pipeline. Track how long it took to secure a candidate and then look how long it takes for the team to react.

of course, you do not hire someone for the sake of filling a position. One should hire someone that is qualified for the task at hand! On the other hand, the longer the position is left open, the more money the business is losing. This can lead to a less productive company due to that the role is not being filled accurately. When filling a role, it is important to look at:

  1. For how long is the vacancy advertised
  2. When is a candidate identified
  3. How long does it take for the team to reach
  4. The how long (average) time it took to interview the candidate
  5. The time it took to make a decision on the candidate
  6. How long it took for the candidate to actually accept the offer and start

2. Candidate satisfaction

To assure you are attracting the best candidate possible, it is important that the recruiter will always be in contact with the candidate Read here for optimizing your candidate journey. This starts even before the interview stage. The better the candidate experience is, the more 'spread the word' stories you will have. If they are happy, it is most likely that they will tell their friends and family, colleagues about their experience with the recruiter. If this is not done in a good way, it will scare people away - and that is something you will not want!

The candidate experience is important, as this is how people get in contact with your brand, they visit your careers site and you can make the similarities with the experience someone gets when walking into a store or a restaurant, where you expect to be treated in a certain way.

How can you then measure this and track this data? Make sure your data is being put into your ATS (example ATS) or CRM correctly. What modes are your recruiting using for the various communication and contact moments? How do they engage and how often is there contact. To measure this, you will be able to adjust this along the way.

3. Count the placement

How do you get the candidate sitting in front of the client? Top recruiters see this as their goal as that is what you want as a recruiter. To make sure they send quality candidates to their clients, so that they, in the end, will be hired. And then, how sustainable is the placement! A recruiter can do a lot of placements and score well, however, if the candidate leaves after only one month or so, in the end, it is no good hire. So, measure this! Question the way how you can improve who is being forward to the client!

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