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4 tips for an inclusive recruitment process

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4 tips for an inclusive recruitment process

Have an elaborated process, review your recruitment process, and review it critically. Define your needs for the current recruitment, and review what skills and qualities you need right now. Remember to design the job description so that it has a gender-neutral and inclusive appeal. Make sure you have a mixed team that looks through the applications and does the interview.

Educate those who hire in unconscious bias

Diversity and inclusion need to permeate the entire company, not just management. It is therefore important that everyone is on the gender equality journey, and that HR does not pursue the whole issue itself but has support throughout the organization. Hiring managers need to know how to conduct inclusive interviews.

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Educate employees in "unconscious bias" and highlight the benefits of diversified work culture.

Here is a list of what kind of unconscious biases are to be considered:

Biases are beliefs that are not founded by known facts about something or somebody, or about a particular group of individuals. Take the Unconcious Biases Test, to see what you know about the topic!

Invest in a good introductory program

Make sure you have a good process so that the new employee feels welcome. Diversity and inclusion should be a fixed point in the onboarding of new employees.

Give a clear presentation of your diversity policy and company values.

Be sure to have different perspectives on internal courses and introductions, and integrate them into your company's DNA.

Create good conditions for competence development

Successful organizations create added value through solid work with employer branding. This can include many parts, but a fundamental part is to create the conditions for employees to be able to develop skills. It is also important to think about creating a level playing field for everyone. We in Undutchables are behind a diversified work culture and have access to a unique talent pool of international candidates. We have also challenged the founder of The Accessible Society, Tove Möller, to guest blog on the subject. Here you can read Tove's article: Anyone who only hires themselves has a fool for an employer.

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