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5 tips on a good business behavior when recruiting

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In times when the most of us have more room for reflection and a chance to invest in development, it can be valuable to quality assure the process how you communicate with job seekers and vendors via email. The reputation of a bad candidate experience spreads at lightning speed among applicants and in their networks, not least on LinkedIn. That's incredibly unnecessary.

So to the point. How does your business's response to the candidates in the emails work when you are hiring?

Whether you hire a recruitment agency or manage the hiring process yourself, there are important things to consider. Factors that significantly affect your professional reputation as a company and employer.

We have talked to Annmarie Palm at the company Relationista. Annmarie is a expert within 'code of conduct' and helps businesses develop their business behavior.

Here are our common treatment tips for recruiting:

1. First, the most basic: Email a confirmation to the applicant candidate so that the person is informed that the application has been received.

2. Briefly update what the status is during the process. This applies as well as customer and candidate. Admittedly, "no news is good news", but people want to know where they stand – both customer and candidate.

3. Give a clear reason in cases that you choose not to proceed with a candidate. An unfounded and diffuse response gives a bad reputation.

4. Keep in mind that a candidate can become a customer (from the perspective of a recruitment firm) and vice versa.

5. Act consciously. How can the candidate want to be treated? Make yourself available and have as a rule to always respond to any emails from the candidate within 48 hours.

Clarity provides security

"One of the most important parts that affects your business relationships over time is that your surroundings feel safe in the contact with you and your business. That is how easy it is!

But to achieve and maintain a good professional reputation it comes to practicing it as well. And not just sometimes, but always! So, if you don't do it already, now make sure to quality assure the approach to people in your recruitment process”,

advises Annmarie Palm at Relationista.

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Do you want more tips and help on how to develop your company's business behavior and/or a rewarding collaboration on a good candidate experience and recruitment when hiring?

Welcome to contact us!

Annmarie Palm, MD Relationista AB, contact her at www.relationista.se or 070-586 23 67

Karin Björkman, proud owner at Undutchables Sweden, www.undutchables.se or 072-853 22 01


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