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Seven tips to find the right person for the job

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Seven tips to find the right person for the job

The person should fit in both the team and the organization. Please do remember, hiring a 'second you', is not always the right fit! He who only hires himself has a fool for an employer

Define the type of person needed in the team and what they need to add. Go back to the organization and the team and don't just think about the role.

Look in the right place

Recruiting is time-consuming and to make the process more efficient, it is important to look at the places where the candidates are located. Try to look at as few platforms as possible and focus on the channels where you have the best chance of reaching the right candidate. It costs a lot to have an ad out and above all to process all applications, so think about relevance in advertising.10 tips for recruiting staff yourself! Do keep in mind, that not filling a position on time, will also cost a lot of money! What are the costs of not filling a vacant position on time

Create a good first impression

Communicate with the candidate throughout the recruitment process. Feedback (positive or negative) is key! Everyone who is applying for the job has become involved in your company, and it says a lot about the organization how you treat candidates and reconnect during a recruitment process.

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Select a relevant recruitment team

It can be good to have a broad team, not just HR people but a combination of other professions. Bring your team into the whole process, and be sure to be inclusive and objective. Make sure you are clear on the processes towards the candidates. Communicate on how many interviews they can expect, and how the process looks like. This is to manage expectations and not run the risk of losing a good candidate just because the process is not clear to them.

Disconnect preconceptions

Try as best as possible to be objective and maintain a neutral view of the candidates throughout the recruitment process. If you look beyond the prejudices, you will have a better chance of attracting the right talents.

Look beyond the set criteria and your own network! Does working with a recruitment agency shortens your time to hire?

To achieve your goal of finding the right person for the job, you sometimes need to broaden your view of who you are looking for and where you are looking. Don't be afraid to go outside the box and think new.

Act fast!

Do not let the recruitment process drag on too long. It is always good to have a timetable but dare to shake it if necessary. Many times you have steered too hard and decided when to collect CVs, and when to start interviewing, and so on. It may be worth saving time by skipping steps and daring to do otherwise.

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