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6 advice on how to embrace the Swedish winter

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Are you prepared for the winter season in Sweden? Don't let the coldness or darkness get in between you and your good times in Sweden! It can be very charming, despite the darkness and the cold. Here are some of the best tips and facts about the Swedish winter.

Swedish winter – the word itself might sound cold and dark to anyone with an idea about Sweden’s geographical location. It is quite true that it can be cold here but if you wear the right clothing and know what fun things you can do during winter, you surely get to enjoy the days just as much as you enjoy the warm and sunny days.

1.Right clothing

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing

The quote is very famous in Sweden - as well as it is in many countries that experience a cold winter - but for anyone who is not used to cold weather, the advice for the right clothing is 'Dress to keep you warm'! Dress in layers – undershirts and pants, your regular clothes and warm outer jackets, keep your body warm and comfy.

Make sure to wear the right hats, scarves, and gloves too. If you think you need more layers, do not hesitate to add another layer of clothing because not everyone feels the coldness the same way and only you know it when you’re comfortably warm.

2. Be visible on the streets

Make sure to wear high visibility clothes or add a few reflective stripes, especially when walking and cycling on the streets during the winter. The days can be dark and it is very important to be visible when on the streets to avoid accidents and to make it easy for drivers to see you.

3. Winter is beautiful – enjoy it!

During winter, Sweden is a magical place. Your everyday view from your little window facing the street will change into a beautiful landscape within a couple of hours of snow.

Enjoy these landscapes despite the coldness to create picturesque memories. Try skiing, sledding, snowball fights, learning to skateboard, building a snowman or snow fort, making snow angels, and many other winter activities.

The best thing about winter is the snow and you have plenty of it everywhere to do whatever snow activities you think are fun. Make sure to wear the right shoes to avoid slipping and getting injured.

Winter walks among the beautiful landscapes will definitely help you fill yourself up with happy thoughts and positive energy. Some winter days are sunny and these days are the best! Make sure to get as much sunlight possible and enjoy the best of winter.

4. Fika often

Fika - coffee/tea and something small to eat - is always a good way of keeping yourself social. A simple Fika with some baked goodies and a cup of coffee could work wonders for putting you in a good mood.

Talking to someone, laughing, and spending time with the company will help you avoid being stressed by the weather. It is very necessary to be social especially during cold days to avoid depression and keep up your mental health.

5. Lights, lights, lights!

The short day time can be quite hard as there is not enough light so use many ways of adding light to your daily routine. If the light in your house is not bright enough, candles are a solution. Candles give you light as well as a bit of warmth. And who doesn’t love it when you have candles lit up around you? Candles create happiness so make sure to try your favorite candles during this winter!

If you are cycling, make sure you have lights on your bike as the streets can be quite darker even with the street lights on.

6. Be happy and smile a lot

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine

There can be times when the coldness and darkness really get to you. Try not to let it happen!
Make sure you stay happy and social despite how cold and dark it is. Keep yourself active and occupied that you don’t have to think about the weather. Take your vitamins, eat healthily, and exercise to keep up a positive mind.
Gather up your friends and celebrate every day as it is a special day to keep yourself in good company. Always remember that, if you are happy, the day is happy as well.

Are you curious to learn more about how to adapt and embrace the Swedish culture, visit the website of New in Sweden and learn about their community and membership!

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