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Celebrating Midsummer In Sweden

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Yes we are close to one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year in Sweden.

It is an old tradition embraced by young and old for different kind of reasons. It is a feast of unification in this land of traditions. Many Swedes are reserved in expressing how they feel, but Midsummer is one of these days were it’s accepted by everyone to have fun and enjoy life.

What is midsummer all about

Many people that know about Midsummer celebrations know it for the raising and dancing around a maypole. Old tradition also tells us that it’s common to place greenery over houses and barns. This is supposed to bring good fortune and health to people and animals. This tradition has, however, faded in the past years maybe due to environmental reasons. Therefore people keep to decorating the maypole and sometimes adding some branches in front of houses and barns. Having said that, the greenery is actually a very significant detail when it comes to the traditional name of the maypole. To decorate with greens is called “att maja” or “to may”. Experts believe this is where the name originates from. There are also researchers that believe that the name comes from German tradespeople who raised the maypole in June. Swedes wouldn’t be Swedes and were of the opinion that they had enough greenery to decorate in May and kept doing so in May and therefore stuck with the name Maypole. Funny thing however is that nowadays one doesn’t even talk about ‘Maypole’ anymore but it’s more common known as a Midsummer pole. The time of this celebration also changed to the month of June. In Sweden, Midsummer Day is celebrated on a Saturday between June 20th and June 26th. The actual celebration takes place on the Friday before which is common with most Swedish celebrations. Be aware that when coming to Sweden as a Tourist everything is closed, as it is an official bank holiday in Sweden.


Legend has it that if a girl picks 7 different flowers in silence during the midsummer night and them puts them under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband or partner. I guess the guys have to drink to that !! And that’s what most of them do…

Swedish tradition?

As Undutchables Sweden we are of course proud of our Swedish traditions. But you will be surprised about how many countries have a form of celebration during Midsummer. To give you an idea here are some countries that have some form of celebration: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Germany ,Flanders, Ireland, France, UK, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and yes even in the Netherlands.


This makes us very proud and proves that Midsummer is a real feast of unification of all countries of the world.


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