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Corona times and recruiting. Even a bigger challenge then before in Sweden?

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Before the world changed by the novel COVID 19, a lot of companies were being called on a day to day basis by recruiters who were trying to convince their potential customers that they were the best solution for their recruiting challenges. Through the years it has become an industry that has been growing steadily and has been able to offer several different products in a professional way in several different industries. To give you an idea. Until recently the industry had an average turnover of 35 billion SEK per year. There is a huge competition in the industry and even in this coming time, recruiting companies can play an even bigger role than before. To make it through these rough times, here are some tips to focus on if you want your business to survive now and in the future.


Well this is probably the most logical characteristic that one needs if ever wanting to recruit for a client. But here is the biggest catch. To create commitment, you need time. Time you need to invest to dive deep into the customer’s needs without prejudice and or judgement. This sometimes means a lot of visits and talks with people that work at the client on a day to day basis. You have to able to understand the client’s needs and way of working. Keep in mind you are the translator between your client and possible candidates. The client trusts you to convey a realistic picture for the candidate of the potential employer. The better the description of the client, the better the fit with candidates, the more fruitful the relationship. Do not make the mistake to let profit run your recruitment processes. A well-founded commitment is the basis for a long relationship and long-term result.

Open dialog

To recruit is not an easy task at hand. It requires rational skills as well as emotional skills. Recruiting processes can be very complex some times. A job change is not something that, on average, a person does often. It means that often many people are involved from different sides with different views. Often there are even other family members involved which you also have to consider. Be honest in this communication. Of course pinpoint the reasons why you think a candidate will fit a certain role very well, but also mention the lesser sides from certain positions. This can mean that a candidate might not be interested, but it also states that this candidate might not be the right person for the job.

At the same time make sure you have a dialog with the recruiting employer. This means that you have to make yourself available, especially after you have presented some candidates. Do not be afraid to receive negative feedback. The paradox is that this helps you in the end. Now you know exactly what they do NOT want and this helps you in the end to find the best candidate. Do not be afraid and communicate why you think a certain person could be a good fit.


Well this is always an issue of course. What should you ask for the services that you can provide your customer with. What is it based on? The number of candidates that you have in your database? Then there is a huge difference between the kind of position you are recruiting for. Some are easier than others. To be honest, dare to be different and most of all believe in yourself and your skills. It sometimes helps to not choose the obvious way of working, but at the same time this can bring some risks with it as well. Price should never be an issue. Price is determined by the amount of time and skill that you put in your work and/or effort. You are the only one that knows this, but do not be afraid to use references to strengthen this. The best advertising one can do is by letting your customers speak for you. It’s cheap and very often works both ways. In the end it also helps with the commitment that one is trying to build daily.

Guarantee of delivery

Hmm this is an interesting one. What is certain in life? The thing that you can do here is to be transparent in your way of working. Then try to determine the expectancy rate of what your way of searching will provide. To find the perfect candidate takes a lot of work and time. Often you see that a lot of agencies go for the shortest solution and present many that could fit instead of one that does fit for a longer period. A solution to be even more effective is to “niche” yourself. This you can do of course in several ways, but try to keep it as wide as possible. It can increase your professional profile to the market and the clearer your profile the better it is to the market.

Be a true partner

Of course, making money is one aspect when working within recruitment. But there are many ways to do so. Do not let money be THE reason why you want to have contact with a client. As mentioned before, once you have accomplished a dialog, please do not be afraid to give advice and proof yourself. Dare to ask and think out of the box. Ask questions and challenge your customer and yourself. Keep in mind we are still “dealing” with human beings. It’s not a fixed product with clear features. It’s energetic and open for change. In short, it’s all about relationships. With your customer’s, with your candidates and with the market that you are operating in. But this takes time. Time costs money but also can make you money. Try not to works against time, but let time do the work for you. Invest in it and in the end, you will prevail.



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