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E-Commerce in Sweden – what channels are there

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E-commerce is big in Sweden and now a giant is coming up with a competition for consumer purchasing power. We have taken a look on how it could change now that a new player is coming to the market.

The Coronavirus has turned the existence of commerce upside down. Many have had to quarantine and/or work from home. It has meant fewer visits to physics stores. The needs of buyers were reassessed and spontaneous purchases have not been made. Many large purchases were put on hold, which resulted in reduced sales in shopping malls, etc. Grocery shopping has gone well, and even their e-commerce has gone up. E-commerce has become a big business, it increased by 49% in the second quarter of 2020. 7 out of 10 Swedes shop on the internet.

There area lot of e-commerce companies in Sweden, such as Footway, Zalando also, retailers are selling via e-commerce, for example Apotea andDustinhome.

How will Swedish e-commerce be affected when Amazon comes to Sweden?

It will of course be more difficult for many companies in Swedish e-commerce. Why should you as a Swedish brand sell on Amazon?

The advantage of Amazon is that they have the ability to attract traffic. This does not mean that you sell right away, but since Sweden is an unusually mature e-commerce country when it comes to consumers and businesses, it can benefit you and the traffic increase can be rapid. It can be daunting, but it can also be a unique opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to reach out to 100's millions of new customers! This means increased employment in Sweden!

What to consider when working with Amazon

You should keep in mind that the costs depend on the type of products you offer (there are also several services they offer, e.g. FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon). Costs also vary in the markets you are in.

They handle a running cost per month and a so-called fee per sold product, which varies in different % rates.

What should also be considered are possible returns and marketing costs. It may happen that Amazon's fees eat up about 27-40% of the margins. So keep track of the margins!

Some benefits of working with Amazon:

It is a great opportunity for you to reach out to consumers and to sell the products internationally.

It's a sales channel that's quickly available to increase your sales

A few drawbacks to working with Amazon:

They have their set-up, which you have to adapt to. A little frivolity in how one would like it when it comes to building a brand.

You don't own your customers, Amazon does.

Other tips:

Make sure to present your product as well as possible.
Handle complaints quickly, so as not to get a reputation. To manage your Post-purchase excellence you might wish to check this out: Yayloh!
So in short, there are pros and cons to working with Amazon. But in order to compete in the international market, the platform offers enormous opportunities.

In addition, sales of Swedish products will increase and employment in Sweden may increase.

Roles within e-commerce - recruitment

Do you need help implementing your products at Amazon? We have competent candidates in our network who are specialists in e-commerce! We offer candidates via direct recruitment and can also help with expertise on a consultant basis.

Roles needed within e-commerce example:

-Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Manager
-Product Manager E-commerce
-E-commerce Web developers

-Web designers
-UX Developers
-Art Director
-API Engineer
-Front End Developers
-Back End Developers

- Customer Experience Managers and team

Do you need to recruit for these roles, do not hesitate to reach out to Undutchables Sweden!

More information on the topic you can find via (in Swedish) Ecomero.com , they can also assist you to increase your online sales!


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