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EQ for society; Social Harmony translates to superior mental state in people and individuals

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In this series of 3 articles, Inez Vermeulen, a business thought leader on a mission to transform people & businesses from the inside out (EQ+PQ*) is sharing valuable information on the importance of EQ in your personal as well as your professional life. In the third series of EQ, our guest Inez Vermeulen is sharing valuable insights on why EQ is important in social life to create Harmony & Welfare.

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Social Harmony translates to superior mental state in people and individuals

Born into our respective cultures, our societal norms shape our lives; and social behaviour embedded by our parents and elders while growing up have an important impact on our mindset. According to global research all developed societies enjoy greater social harmony and nurture secular beliefs. It’s common knowledge that we humans are a diverse set of individuals and no single person can live and thrive in isolation. Society to remain successful long term needs to ensure greater social harmony amongst its own folks. Peace or pieces (of harmony) is a choice that all societies face in today’s globalized world where unity with diversity is an everyday reality – inescapable, unstoppable and indestructible. Social leaders, political leaders and corporate leaders are increasingly aware of social harmony necessity and thus strive to embed greater EQ in their people. It is higher EQ and superior people sensitivities that translate to superior harmony, peace and harmonious collaboration. Leveraging energies of people synergies begins with superior mutual understanding that starts with superior EQ abilities. Political and social leaders need to promote greater EQ inclusivity and harmony amongst all individuals: children, adults, and even older people. With EQ determining mental wellbeing in VUCA times, and social harmony being dependent upon people’s greater EQ levels, people need to strive to boost social EQ and individual EQ. As civilized beings we need to channelize our thoughts and actions according to prevailing social norms and legal structures. Thus, social EQ/understanding is important for long term success for every society and nation.

Individual Mental State Translates to Social Harmony & Welfare

A society is as good as its constituent people and inclusive societies that promote greater harmony with enhanced levels of empathy amongst its people are better able to sustain harmony and mutual understanding. By promoting and nurturing greater levels of EQ, successful social leaders and people welfare evangelists ensure that their society keeps growth-galloping with no people-misunderstanding roadblocks slowing down or even holding up the progress. Progressively enhancing EQ levels especially in children so that they grow up into empathetic adults ready to handle any mental duress challenge is the way forward for all societies. With children being every society’s future, investing in EQ enhancing neurocoaching at schools and colleges is indeed a much-needed social necessity. Continuing with EQ enhancing neurocoaching at the corporate levels amongst professional adults is the smart way of ensuring that everyone in the society can perform better with scaled up EQ levels consistently. With EQ increasingly becoming the determinant of a society’s and nation’s welfare, it’s the amongst the top people’s behaviorial change necessities to allow humanity to overcome VUCA challenges with superior creativity made possible by harmonious, higher EQ powered collaboration. We all crave for happiness and collective happy societies are only possible when there more higher EQ powered souls as happiness feeds on superior mutual understanding as we humans are social beings. We do imbibe positive energies from our fellow beings. Happiness, finesse and success are thus dependent on people’s kindness and mindfulness which are possible with higher levels of EQ. Thus higher EQ = Happiness, Finesse, Kindness & Resilience for society and individuals alike – irrespective of their age, profession, ideology and geographic location.

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*EQ=Emotional Intelligence, the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions on oneself, of others and of groups. PQ (Positive Intelligence).

Inez Vermeulen PhD-HRevUp Expert & Brain Neuroplasticity Coach- VUCA world HResurrection, HRoutsouring, and NeuroCoaching expert (30+ years), Inez specializes in building-expanding international business across Europe & Leaders+people’s Mindset reset neuro coaching. Inez leverages neuroplasticity & corporate plasticity to boost adaptability, ROI, vitality, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, her evidence-based neuro coaching actualizes preventative-positive mindset & lifestyle changes. These enhance peak performance, creativity, health (mental+physical), happiness, empathy & resilience using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. Her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality significantly boots EQ (empathy), IQ (intelligence), health & personal aura/charisma boosts across different age groups -school children to professional elders/ leaders. Contact her on Europe HR Solutions, Brainmind Global or LinkedIn

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