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EQ/Mindset for self/personal development; Minding your mind

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Inez Vermeulen, a business thought leader on a mission to transform people & businesses from the inside out (EQ+PQ*) is sharing valuable information on the importance of EQ in your personal as well as your professional life. In the second series of EQ, our guest Inez Vermeulen is sharing valuable insights on the importance of EQ is important in our lives and how EQ can boost business results.

EQ/Mindset for self/personal development

Minding your Mind, Unleashing Miracles:: Intelligence, Happiness, Wellness, Abundance, Resilience

Brain neuroplasticity, guided meditation driven intuitive consciousness’ inner re-engineering are a must have for today’s VUCA 2.0 stressed out executives, especially overburdened women professionals. Backed by 30 years of consulting & coaching success-expertise and leveraging latest scientific techniques, I’m on a mission to transform women into wow women role models by unlocking brain-body-mind synergies’ miracles. I leverage my professional panache, neuroscience+metaphysics+vedic wisdom, alternate healing expertise (yoga, ayurveda, astrology, chakras) & inner re-engineering expertise to enable women mitigate challenges & elevate strengths. As a dedicated partner in progress, I use my skills & proprietary methodology to asses clients’ brain-body-mind blockages-inconsistencies & unleash treasures-strengths bestowed on each of us. Using a neuroscience backed approach I use globally acclaimed (and lab tested) guided meditation to re-wire brains, resurrect life + work approach triggering significant transformations that make my clients more conscious of every aspect in life, detox inconsistencies/fears & manifest joyously-expeditiously their aspirations (existing & long forgotten!). With my genius brain rewiring and mindful practice, clients rewrite their reality dramatically in only 8 to 12 weeks. They enhance their own lives’ & others with new found intelligence, happiness-energy, wellness, abundance & resilience. As wow role models & mentors they are able to create a tsunami of happiness-success in their respective networks & family, enabling me to realize my goal of making our VUCA challenged world peaceful, purposeful & bountiful.

Brain-Body-Mind Synergies’ Mastery By>For>Of WOWomen!

Most leaders are very busy executives, however, they all can have an inner calling to rethink what is possible for them in their career, finances, relationships and health. In many cases we rewrite the parameters of how a professional life would look with more successful-purposeful in the context of their whole life- with its unique opportunities, talents & earthy-energies (people+mother earth). My genius brain, mindful body-mind synergies’ coaching is deeply transformational & highly acclaimed approach where awareness, alignment, and action work together as co-equal catalysts to create energy and momentum around aspired life areas. It boosts overall understanding of what you want to accomplish, delves deeply into building awareness around thoughts and assumptions that people have about issues impacting them.. I help my clients to gain insights to how their brain works and how any improvement and healing can be accomplished by rewiring neuronic pathways, deep rooted habits & perceptions. Women gain awareness of the impact of their unique perspective, an understanding of their special gifts to create a better world, conquer fears, unleash wow creativity, boost charisma to become the person they are meant to be. Mind Mastery is an inescapable necessity for you, your dear ones and our world.

Plaatje EQ for self growth

Better YOUnique for a better world of wow-value creation & harmony

Long-lasting, sustainable change being the biggest benefit, my engagement delivers many rewarding outcomes:

  • Gaining awareness about your talents, motivators, dreams, fears, habits, assumptions, then exploring how they are shaping your view on life to transform them into long term success-wellness enablers
  • Uncovering breakthrough brain-body-mind healing & anti-aging powers to boost strength, stamina, beauty, aura, charisma, compassion & influence
  • Actualizing a gamechanging mindset with newfound vitality, creativity & unique abilities to uncover hidden opportunities to make impossible multitasking challenges into I-M possible successes
  • Realizing that success doesn’t happen in isolation, but by having support with a transformational journey
  • Defining what fulfillment looks like in all life-areas & achieving it with self dedication-transformation
  • Designing your own terms for success, wellness, happiness & resilience
  • Leveraging the power of gratitude to heal self, repair damaged relationships & build a bounce-back ability quickly-effectively, lifelong
  • Attracting right kind of beneficial people & circumstance as you scale up every aspect of your life and become ready to receive more fortunate blessings from universe

Inez Vermeulen PhD-HRevUp Expert & Brain Neuroplasticity Coach- VUCA world HResurrection, HRoutsouring, and NeuroCoaching expert (30+ years), Inez specializes in building-expanding international business across Europe & Leaders+people’s Mindset reset neuro coaching. Inez leverages neuroplasticity & corporate plasticity to boost adaptability, ROI, vitality, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, her evidence-based neuro coaching actualizes preventative-positive mindset & lifestyle changes. These enhance peak performance, creativity, health (mental+physical), happiness, empathy & resilience using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. Her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality significantly boots EQ (empathy), IQ (intelligence), health & personal aura/charisma boosts across different age groups -school children to professional elders/ leaders. Contact her on Europe HR Solutions, Brainmind Global or LinkedIn

*EQ=Emotional Intelligence, the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions on oneself, of others, and of groups. PQ (Positive Intelligence).

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