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EQ Mindful Neuroplasticity as Your MindMastery’s proven Success Accessory

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Inez Vermeulen, a business thought leader on a mission to transform people & businesses from the inside out (EQ+PQ*) is sharing valuable information on the importance of EQ in your personal as well as your professional life. In the second series of EQ, our guest Inez Vermeulen is sharing valuable insights on the importance of EQ is important in our lives and how EQ can boost business results.

Mindful Neuroplasticity as Your MindMastery’s proven Success Accessory

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change functions and structures in response to a particular impulse with neuroplasticity coaching. By giving certain impulses, we can make the neurons arrange themselves in a different way than before, resulting in different patterns of behaviour and therefore a different outcome! Neuroplasticity enables you to teach yourself to stop being controlled by day’s stresses. Genius empathetic intuitiveness thats less stressed and more competant creatively is enabled-sustained.

Human’s neuroplasticity mapped to corporate plasticity

In today’s fluid VUCA disruptive world Corporate culture’s plasticity & people’s neuroplasticity with Brain re-wring coaching & corporate culture + processes restructuring program is key to thriving with happiness, finesse, kindness & resilience. I undertake process re-engineering to meet new challenges with culture assessment’s data driven best in class adaptability. People’s mindset reset is achieved through neuroplasticity coaching. A human centered approach delivers gamechanging results by boosting:

  1. Return on individual by analysing proactive growth needs of individual employees mapped to their aspirations based on emerging future of work & future of business challenges
  2. Return on inspiration (teams) unlocking treasures of collective passion, work ownership & innate joy of being part of an incredible company and its mission replacing VUCA’s anxieties with innate courage & confidence
  3. Return on intuitiveness unleashing collective creativity & resilience to transform challenges into opportunities of strategy disruption, cohesive collaboration & spirited successes.
  4. Return on imagination- boosting self confidence, skills, subconscious led innate spiritual power to manifest constructive-positive dreams for transforming self and scaling up resilience with consistent value creation

The Brain-Body-Mind Synergies’ Guided Meditation Coaching Boosts Life-Vitality & Peak Productivity
The personalized coaching+consulting delivers a cutting-edge, scientifically proven whole person meditation methodology honed through years of research and practical experience. My bespoke engagement empowers women unlock these keys for inner and outer transformation
> Mind Power
> Brain Power
>Brain-Mind-Body Synergised Vitality & Anti Aging
>Mental Health/Wellbeing & Resilience
>Peak Productivity & Creativity
>True happiness & Consciousness
>Relations' Harmony & Social Connectedness

How can this be a benefit when recruiting talents to your company?

Inez Vermeulen PhD-HRevUp Expert & Brain Neuroplasticity Coach- VUCA world HResurrection, HRoutsouring, and NeuroCoaching expert (30+ years), Inez specializes in building-expanding international business across Europe & Leaders+people’s Mindset reset neuro coaching. Inez leverages neuroplasticity & corporate plasticity to boost adaptability, ROI, vitality, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, her evidence-based neuro coaching actualizes preventative-positive mindset & lifestyle changes. These enhance peak performance, creativity, health (mental+physical), happiness, empathy & resilience using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. Her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality significantly boots EQ (empathy), IQ (intelligence), health & personal aura/charisma boosts across different age groups -school children to professional elders/ leaders. Contact her on Europe HR Solutions, Brainmind Global or LinkedIn

*EQ=Emotional Intelligence, the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions on oneself, of others, and of groups. PQ (Positive Intelligence).

Photo Inez Vermeulen

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