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When building a company, your employees will be your most valuable asset and they will build your company culture. On this journey, it is important to know your own company when building a diverse and equal workplace. How do you do this?

We have spoken to Emily A. Northway, Head of Marketing & Growth at Equality Check and she will guide us on how you can use their tool in your recruitment process.

Q: What is Equality check?

A: Equality Check is a platform aimed at accelerating equal opportunity in the workplace. In short, a TripAdvisor for the workplace. Employees can leave anonymous reviews about equal opportunity, workplace culture, work/life balance, the management's commitment to diversity, and more. Our belief is that we can create a better workplace for everyone through transparency and accountability. Equality at the workplace shouldn’t be a boring task that managers have to check off their list, but rather a positive and exciting topic that workplaces can strive for improvements in together.

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Our mission is to catalyze equal opportunities for everyone through transparency and accountability. Oh! And our platform is always anonymous.

Q: How is it anonymous?

A: Your answers are mixed up with everyone else’s and are presented as an average. We do not combine demographic information in a way that can expose your identity. We require at least five reviews about a workplace before reviews become visible about that workplace.

Information on subgroups (age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, etc.) is only available after a sufficient amount of reviews from each subgroup have been submitted. For example, if we filter a report based on gender, we will not present answers from women and men until there is a critical amount of reviews from women and men in the same workplace that have left a review.

You will remain anonymous even when you log in/sign-up. We encrypt your login information so that it can't be connected to your review. Even though we may have your email, we can’t see your responses. We kindly ask everyone to log in or sign up in order to avoid false reviews, to give you the ability to delete your review, and to provide you relevant information about Equality Check and the workplace you reviewed.

Q: Why is equality at work important?

A: Achieving gender equality is important for workplaces not only because it is fair and the right thing to do, but because it is also linked to a company’s overall performance. Workplace equality is associated with:

  • Improved national productivity and economic growth
  • Increased organizational performance
  • Enhanced ability of companies to attract talent and retain employees
  • Enhanced organizational reputation
  • Diversity was the number one top recruiting trend in 2018.
  • 69% of people wouldn’t take a job in a company with a bad reputation.
  • 77% of people actively seek reviews about a company before making a decision
  • 67% say diversity is an important factor when considering a new job.
  • The number one reason people change jobs is a career opportunity. Employees today, both men and women, rate opportunity, autonomy, flexibility, and work-life balance as the most important factors when choosing a job.
“Having good ratings will help us attract good people where they feel that they have equal opportunities and can be themselves.” - Line Bakke, Equality and Diversity Officer, DNB.

Q: How can Equality Check help your business?

A: By using Equality Check, individuals can help other people find the workplaces that are truly wonderful places to work.

Employers benefit from becoming aware of how their employees feel about their culture, and those who score well will be rewarded by having a platform to attract the best talent from a diverse candidate pool. For employers who want to improve, we have Equality Check Premium. Our unique approach combines qualitative and quantitative data for workplaces to go from insight to action and provides evidence-based solutions for how they can improve. We have developed the tool in close collaboration with the research institution CORE, Center for Research on Gender Equality.

A recent study revealed the impact reviews have on job seeker’s decision-making:

These results demonstrate how workplace reviews can impact attracting and retaining top talent. If you’re not collecting fresh feedback, you may be losing top talent to competitors who do.

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Q: How can companies use EC in their recruitment processes?

A: Companies can use their Equality Check results for recruiting purposes by showcasing their data and positive comments from current and past employees. In contrast to traditional employer branding, the insights you get from Equality Check are true celebrations of your culture. Most companies perform very well on Equality Check. Recruiters can also use Equality Check to showcase different workplaces they are recruiting for to top candidates, as this information is not accessible anywhere else. Our DNA is built on celebrating the workplaces that perform well, evident by the 8 different top 10 lists we have on our site allowing you to filter the search based on the things you care about. In addition, we always profile the new top 10 companies every month and encourage them to celebrate their scores internally. Each company that makes it on to our top 10 list gets a badge highlighting the fact that “Employees think they’re an awesome workplace.”

Isabelle Ringnes (right on the photo above) and Marie Louise Sune (left on the photo above) founded the youth-led organization #Hunspanderer in Norway 2015. #HunSpanderer has had two successful campaigns addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes reaching millions of people. Following the campaigns, they saw a significant call for action and solutions on how to improve diversity in the workplace.

That lead them to found Equality Check.


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