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EQ necessity for self success; Higher EQ in individuals, More Kindness & Harmony

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In this series of 3 articles, Inez Vermeulen, a business thought leader on a mission to transform people & businesses from the inside out (EQ+PQ*) is sharing valuable information on the importance of EQ in your personal as well as your professional life. Links to the series of content you find below.

Higher EQ in individuals, More Kindness & Harmony

Higher EQ = RELATIONSHIPS’ Solace: Success-Happiness-Resilience Necessity

RevUp EQ or LoseOut! > Calm Consciousness, Caring-Sharing-Humility for Harmony’s MONIE$$

As social beings, we humans crave for harmonious relationships as it shapes our bodies, minds, overall health, reputation, success & wealth. Just as happy, purposeful relationships elevate our lives, a toxic-stressful mindset can sink even the most successful-powerful people. And relationships’ harmony is well within our control as all it requires is higher levels of empathetic EO (Emotional Quotient). Being highly emotional earthlings, our relationships-stress often clouds rationality, creativity & leads to distress, delusion, despondency & often self-destruction. Right from our birth, childhood & adult life our minds & actions feed off relationships as loving-caring-nurturing engagements define who we are, what we become & how we manage challenges. Building and sustaining higher levels of emotional understanding of others and the environment (mother Earth) works in our favor as we can fully harness the energy of positive emotions like gratitude towards others rather than being wracked by negative thoughts. Mental health and state of mind is thus directly linked to EQ levels. Higher EQ translates to better mental health which in turn leads to better (more harmonious) relations, superior social connections / relationships, and performances.

RELATIONSHIP$$ are your personal wealth: Embrace-Grow-Leverage & Get Enriched lifelong!

There can be no prosperity without peace and there is no mental peace without RELATIONSHIPSolace! Our work life and social life take up the bulk of our lives. And if EQ levels control our reputation and work earnings (which they do!), its time we got serious about EQ and IQ as both need consistent upskilling. Our minds are highly plastic or have the amazing ability to keep changing based on emerging needs of better living-thriving. It’s the way mother nature created humans as the smartest living being on Earth, a living being that can effectively reconfigure his/her mindset to be able to survive and thrive even in the harshest of circumstances. Hence, we need to make concerted efforts to boost our own EQ levels by feeding ourselves with positive thoughts and nurturing harmonious relationships with positive actions. These consistent efforts of self-improvement for enhanced people sensitivity-positivity with greater EQ levels can be taught using neurocoaching’s neuroplasticity-driven mind-meditations.

These neurocoaching interventions build, rebuild, scaleup relationships with self, others & mother nature. Harmonious relations are a huge reservoir of life-energy or vitality & success-wealth that’s freely available & accessible. Thus, all we need is to effectively reset our mindset to revitalise our lives with guided meditation. Our minds and our mindset is well within our control and with the help of neurocoaching under expert guidance mindset reset for superior EQ levels is simpler and more effective. EQ is thus directly responsible for our life vitality and work creativity and its for everyone’s benefit to invest in neurocoaching to be able to quickly and effectively ramp up your EQ ‘wealth’ as its determines your life’s wealth and reputation! And we all need to remember that success is a marathon and not a 100 meter sprint. We thus need to invest in our EQ upgrade or relevant mindset reset on a consistent, regular basis as the VUCA 2.0 world events (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous, Anxious- VUCAA) can throw progressively tougher EQ challenges with the passage of time. Therefore, when the going gets (VUCA 2.0) tough, the tough/EQ savvy get going intelligently and empathetically (and there isn’t any better way either as we can never escape VUAA or VUCA 2.0 world challenges!).

Interested in reading more on this topic, read EQ necessity for corporate & EQ for society.

*EQ=Emotional Intelligence, the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions on oneself, of others and of groups. PQ (Positive Intelligence).

Inez Vermeulen PhD-HRevUp Expert & Brain Neuroplasticity Coach- VUCA world HResurrection, HRoutsouring, and NeuroCoaching expert (30+ years), Inez specializes in building-expanding international business across Europe & Leaders+people’s Mindset reset neuro coaching. Inez leverages neuroplasticity & corporate plasticity to boost adaptability, ROI, vitality, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, her evidence-based neuro coaching actualizes preventative-positive mindset & lifestyle changes. These enhance peak performance, creativity, health (mental+physical), happiness, empathy & resilience using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. Her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality significantly boots EQ (empathy), IQ (intelligence), health & personal aura/charisma boosts across different age groups -school children to professional elders/ leaders. Contact her on Europe HR Solutions, Brainmind Global or LinkedIn

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