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A story of an international moving to Stockholm

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Moving to a new country is a great opportunity to gain life experience. You might move here because you will be studying, you move because of a job, or you move because you have found love here and wish to live and work in Sweden. Sometimes things go as planned, sometimes you will have to renavigate as you go along.

Rebeca Suup, a senior manager within international banking found love in Sweden and she is here sharing her story on her journey when she was looking for a job in Sweden.

From Odyssey to finding Ithaca

The Adventures of a middle-aged woman, once a manager, now a mother of 3 kids under 10.

My name is Rebeca Suup. I formerly worked in banking. I was a trade finance manager for 20 years. I am a proud mother now.

I walked in Ulysses‘ shoes. One might think that the adventure was tough, but the truth is that I enjoyed the journey.

I married a Swede, and when the time was right, we decided to settle our little family in Stockholm. And, as the Swedish national anthem says: Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden - We wanted to live and die in the North.

My Odyssey started when the gods abandoned me, and I heard from my former employer that relocation to our Stockholm office was not possible. I then decided to quit.

After a couple of interviews and some awkward situations, I thought it was time to figure out what the market wanted and find my perfect match.

Not that I encountered angry Poseidon, Laestrygones or Cyclops on my way. However, reaching the Olympus of gods, demigods and demons gave me the bitter taste that the market was rather more inclined to talk with young Telemachus than onboarding pappa Ulysses.

And it was then that I decided to take the leap and change direction. Lao Tzu once said: ““If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”.”

What do I believe the market needs?

• Foreign talent, to accelerate company growth

• Valuable connections

• International networks

• Multinational, multicultural & multilingual staff

• People with experience in different countries & markets - they are great assets! • Skilled workers that fill the knowledge gap

• Diversity that enhances corporate culture

• Different minds, different perspectives

• Creative problem- solving thinkers

• Flexibility & genuine interest in learning new skills. After all, in Sweden things are done differently

• Age is just chronological

What would I advise to those searching for a job in Stockholm?

• The road is the goal, expect it full of adventure and self- discovery • Don’t be afraid of being yourself & speaking up

• Keep your high expectations

• Stir your spirit & body with excitement

• Customise your résumé & cover letter to the job you are applying for • Show what you can do

• Be “lagom” (appropriate)

• Never take any comment you hear personally

• Learn Swedish as if it were your mother tongue

• Know what you want

• Go “fika”

• If the road is long & hazardous, keep the motivation going • Reach for help

• Keep Ithaca always in your mind

The winds of Aeolus drifted the ship of my life towards new shores.

It was personal reasons that led me first to do a diploma as a strategic life & relationship coach, (ICF accredited), and then additional training as a mindfulness teacher (CTAA accredited). Finally, I started my own company: The Mentalphore.

I have enjoyed the journey with the goddess Athena always by my side. I made a myriad of new contacts, acquaintances, and friends. I reestablished contact with former clients and discovered that there is always a Eumaeus out there.

There are kind and supportive people ready to provide a helping hand.

As brave Ulysses, I am always up to set my sails of silver and start new adventures, back in the banking industry or the corporate world. Captain and sailor; humble and strong.

For now, I sit peacefully in my backyard drinking a cup of Lotus tea.

I may have forgotten the hardships of the journey. After all, I am back in Ithaca.

Rebeca has a Bachelor of Business Administration granted by the University of Barcelona. She has 20 years‘ banking experience within trade finance. She is an ICF- accredited coach, a mindfulness teacher and member of CTAA. She is currently working towards a diploma in modern applied psychology. She speaks 5 languages fluently, has a creative mind and likes to write and paint. She enjoys cooking good food for the ones she loves. Rebeca is, ultimately, a mom.

*This article is based entirely on her own adventures, experiences and perceptions, that may or may not reflect raw reality.


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