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Interview with recruiter Karin Björkman


Interview with international recruiter Karin Björkman from Undutchables

Undutchables specializes on recruiting international talent for positions in international companies and organizations. The Newbie Guide met up with Karin Björkman, proud owner of and recruiter at Undutchables Sweden, to ask her what kind of talent they are looking for and why companies benefit from hiring internationals.

Karin Bjorkman
Foto: Eric Roxfelt / 2017-04-12

What is Undutchables and how is it different from other recruitment agencies?

Undutchables works with recruitment of internationals for national and international organizations. We believe in building a strong network within the international community, with people from different backgrounds and expertise and connecting people in order to achieve business goals. By doing this, we do not forget the personal story behind a person. We believe and know that diverse teams can achieve more!

How come you started up in Sweden?

I have been working with Undutchables in The Netherlands for many years and I love the company. I once told the management that I would never leave my position and the company unless they sent me to Sweden and work from there. So when the company wanted to expand internationally, we looked at Sweden and here I am.

Sweden is globalizing and needs to ensure it attracts the right talent with an international prospective in order to compete on the global market. Sweden needs Undutchables. The start up scene in Sweden is operating with English as a company language.

What kind of companies do you collaborate with?

We are helping companies in any area of business that are looking to expand their business internationally. Also, we have a network of international companies that are looking for talent in Sweden.

What candidates are you interested in?

Basically we are interested in any candidate with the right experience and expertise for the position we are looking for, with an international mindset. This could be someone just having arrived in Sweden, returnees, candidates with a good educational background in any of the various areas of businesses such as multilingual customer success positions, sales, marketing, all related positions within IT development, finance and many more.

How does the recruitment process work?

We try to meet up or set up a video meeting with all of our potential candidates. We believe that in this way we can gauge whether candidates fit on a personal level with our clients and candidates. If we have a suitable opportunity we approach candidates to set up a meeting, but we also interview people pro actively in order to build our network.

Does Sweden and the Netherlands differ when it comes to international recruitment?

Yes, Sweden is about 10 years behind The Netherlands when it comes to being open to diversity and see the added value of hiring a candidate with an international background.

What are the benefits of hiring international talents?

When hiring international talents, you do not only get the right skills, but you also get the benefit of being exposed to new ideas, cultures and perspectives that can help the company to grow.

Employing international people from different backgrounds, educational and areas of expertise can really add value to the existing employees by inspiring them to be more creative and use other problem solving methods.

You work with an unusual business plan for the recruitment market – can you tell us a bit about that?

We work on a no cure no pay basis, with a starting fee that will be deducted on the price when the company is finally hiring a candidate.This means we will only invoice our clients the total fee once a candidate has actually started working for them. So, you can imagine how hard we will work to find a suitable candidate. This is the thing, we need to walk that extra mile, because if we do not deliver, we do not get paid!

Our services for the candidates is free of any charge.

Why should candidates sign up with Undutchables?

We believe in building a long term relationship with our candidates. If we have a suitable opportunity, we meet up with our candidates face to face or via a video meeting in order to get to know the person behind the resume. If we feel that the candidate is a suitable match we introduce them to our client and help both parties throughout the whole recruitment process. We even do a follow up after a few weeks to make sure the recruitment has been successful.

We love being a partner to both candidates and client and share our expertise. We also meet up with people pro actively in order to build a network of potential candidates. Close contact with our clients is also important so we also meet up with them in order gauge their specific needs and requirements. This ensures that we find fit for the positions.

The Newbie Guide interview with Karin Björkman.

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