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Living in Sweden: 5 Swedish cities worth visiting


Sweden is not only a beautiful country to live in but also has a very diverse nature. At the same time, it also offers a variety of options when it comes down to different kinds of food and international shops. Sometimes hidden in small alleys or charming streets, you can find these cozy restaurants and bars. Often situated within genuine cultural heritage.

Göteborg The harbour and logistics city

If you are really addicted to shopping , Göteborg is probably THE place to be when you are in Sweden. A real paradise for the Shop addicts. This city has a boulevard which goes on for miles. Next to this, the City centre is full of tourist attractions, small restaurants and shops both big and small. The most unique and pleasant thing about Göteborg is the fact that almost everything is situated in a relatively small area, which makes it easy to go by foot or bike. Another way to move around is by tram. At the same time Göteborg offers also a lot for the people who appreciate the peace and quit. It’s a very “Green” city with lots of parks. Just outside the city centre, you will find one of the best kept 19th century parks in Europe. It’s called: The Trädgårdsföreningen of Göteborg. You can chill here in the midst of 16.00 different sorts of plants and trees. Last but not least you have to visit the oldest district of Haga. It’s a hidden pearl within Göteborg. You will find really nice shops and cafes here. Do not hesitate to take one of the famous Swedish Fika break here and admire the environment.

Stockholm The Silicon Valley of the North

The city not to miss is of course Stockholm. Not because it’s the capital of Sweden but simply because this city has a lot to offer. What many people do not know is the fact that it is built on 14 different islands. All connected with each other with of course a lot of water in between them. Stockholm is a haven of culture, history and an unbelievable amount of shops of all different kinds. Based on different parts of the cities you will find small markets where you can buy fruits, buns and even privately fabricated clothes. Are you a culture nerd? You HAVE to visit Skansen. This is THE oldest open-air museum in the world. It’s a mixture of cultural heritage and traditions and Swedish nature. For the daredevils we can recommend the Kaknästornet. Here you can step into an elevator which will bring you in 30 seconds to the 30th floor. From here you have a 360 degrees view over Stockholm. If you are lucky you might be able to look as far as 60 kilometers in the distance. How cool is this? Stockholm is a very international city. You will hear a lot of different languages in the street and not all of them are tourists. Many of them already work and live in this city and this has to do with its innovative nature. It’s a breeding place for start and scale up companies in IT and therefore attracts a lot of international talent. Malmö The international Hub

Malmö is probably the most intercultural city in Sweden. It’s cosy by nature and very easy to access by boat, car and by train you will end up straight into downtown Malmö. In the city centre you will find a couple of well-known squares. Some small like Lilla Torget where you can enjoy a lunch or a meal in one of the many restaurants and terraces in an intimate way. The other one and the biggest square in Malmö is called Stora Torget. Similar to Lilla torget but with the added value that here you can enjoy the terraces also in colder weather as you will find many of them to be heated. Keep in mind though. Although the square is big in size it’s very popular and therefore can be crowded at certain times. This is also the square where you will find the Townhall of Malmö. Last but not least, Malmö is also the city where you will find that tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia. It’s called Turning Torso and rises 190,4 meters above sea level overlooking the Baltic sea. It’s the landmark in the Öresundsregion. Which is also known for the Öresundsbridge connecting Sweden with Denmark. This connection gives Malmö a very international nature as many commuters travel on a day to day basis from Malmö to Copenhagen and back.

Visby, The Pippi Longstocking town

Visby is a historical town situated on the island of Gotland. It’s a popular island for many Swedes and tourists as it has a pretty unique landscape and absolutely worth a visit. You can visit the biggest island of Sweden via ferry or plane. The island itself has since many years the most registered hours of sun and you can see some of the most fantastic sunrises and sunsets here. Gotland has actually only one town on the island and this is called Visby. Next to this you can find an abundance of small villages, ruins and authentic churches. All of these are very accessible via car or even by bike. Now you probably wonder why this town looks so familiar? Many people in the world have grown up with the famous character of Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. You know the stubborn red headed girl of brave stature. Most people do not know this, but a huge part of the famous TV series is actually filmed on Gotland and in the town of Visby. You most likely recognize the outer city walls of Visby.

Uppsala The Student town

North of the capital you will find the fourth biggest city in in Sweden called Uppsala. The city itself isn’t so well known yet but has a unique character. This has to do with the fact that it is a popular student haven for national and international students. When entering the city, it’s like you are stepping into a postcard. The city itself has cosy authentic alleys and streets and it’s therefore that you can easily find unique bars and restaurants. International by nature as Uppsala is a popular student city. One thing that is impossible to avoid the famous cathedral of Uppsala. Is based in the middle of the city and you can see it already from miles away when entering the city. It’s one of the biggest ones in Sweden and absolutely worth a visit. Even if you are not catholic. Uppsala offers also many parks and botanical gardens where you can find some peace and quit. The atmosphere is pretty unique as here as well you will meet a lot of international students. Uppsala also has a big music culture. So, keep your eyes and ears open. It’s very diverse. From Jazz to reggae and from pop to classical.

In short one can say that these are only some suggestions and to be honest Sweden has much more to offer. A small tip from our side. If you are driving in Sweden and you are passing by a small town, don’t hesitate to enter it. You very often can be surprised by what small cities have to offer. Very often unique by every’ s nature. Do not be afraid to explore!


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