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Talent hunt - looking for a job in Sweden - part 2

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Undutchables Sweden got interviewed by Tana Storani →

Career/Linkedin Strategist & Personal Brander, on how the recruitment situation is on the Swedish market. This is the first part of a series of 3 interviews.

Undutchables Sweden is recruiting internationals and Swedish home comers for jobs on the Swedish market. We bring personal experience on how it is to move to a country, learning a new culture, a new language and adopting to the local market. Looking for a job in a new country brings challenges and that is where we are to help!

Tips on do’s and don’ts in a CV

During your candidate hunt, what are the main points you analyze in a CV?

A resume should not consist of more than 2 pages. Make sure it is in chronological order (last job first, as this is the most relevant and needs to be seen first). A short introduction ‘pitch’ on who you are and what you are looking for, all educations (even if not relevant for the job), short description on each job, computer skills and language skills.

What is the key information of a CV to impact the recruiter?

I would say the easier ‘read’ the more attention you will get from the recruiter. You will have to think that a recruiter might only spend 2-3 seconds for a first view on your resume.Please check on type faults, language, spelling mistakes and the accuracy before sending a resume. For example, if you have translated the resume, make sure it is 100% in one language etc.

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What does NOT add in a CV?

To me religious and sexual orientation is not relevant. Nationality only relevant to me to know if one will need a working permit or not.

In your opinion, how should a CV be structured to perform well?

As already mentioned, the less is more. The more ‘easy read’ -no complicated lay out – is the best. But it should show relevant information on your working experience so a recruiter and / or hiring manager can decide on proceeding with your resume for a specific position.

Do you recommend the candidate tailor the CV according to the position?

If one can apply for jobs in different directions, yes, that is a good idea. However, make sure you send the right one to the right job. If it is tweaked differently, it will lose the attention directly.

Here you can read our blog on the newest trends in 2020 when it comes to a digital CV.

Do you need to write a cover Letter in Sweden?

In Sweden, to the companies request a cover letter? Is it really important in a recruitment process?

I know a short one pager resume and a cover letter is common in Sweden. I personally, prefer a 2-pager resume with the most relevant information on it.

Should they include visa information or if they are in need of a working permit?

Yes, this is handy, however can be used as ‘not interested’ if a employer see that you need a permit. But it all depends on what qualifications you bring in- if your qualifications are needed, a permit should not be the issue. Should you need a working permit for working in Sweden, please be aware and updated on the rules and regulations. For non-EU members you can find information on the web site of the Swedish Migration Agency. If you are a EU member, you can find good information on the web site of the Swedish Tax Authorities the Swedish Tax Authorities, Skatteverket.

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What do you like to see in a cover letter?

Reasons for relocation to Sweden; ‘when, where and how’, your current situation and your preferred job. More information on writing a good CV and cover letter you can find here.

What the candidates should avoid adding in a cover letter?

To make it too long and detailed. Also make sure there are no spelling mistakes in it.

The use of Linkedin when looking for a job in Sweden. Do you see LinkedIn as a strategic tool in the search for candidates? Why?

LinkedIn is a frequent used channel in Sweden, so to be seen and found by recruiters and employers, I would advise a good LinkedIn profile. You can also, as a job seeker indicate that your profile is available for recruiters. You can also insert ‘available’ or ‘looking for a job’ in the header. If you already live in Sweden, make sure your location says Sweden. That optimizes the chances to be found by a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Do you feel comfortable being contacted by candidates via LinkedIn? What do you like to read when you are actively approached by a candidate?

Yes, no problem. However, I am limited to assist when a candidate would need a permit, so it might be that I do not accept an invitation as I see I can not be of added value anyway.

Should candidates connect before or after the interview? or don't ever connect with recruiters and hiring managers?

If you are going through an agency, I would not advice you to connect with the hiring manger at all, until you get the job. However, if you have had an interview and you had a good ‘click’, who says you could not. But do respect that the contact goes via the agency.

If it is applying to a company directly, I would not advice to connect before you have been in for an interview anywhere.

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In relation to COVID-19, unfortunately, many professionals lost their jobs. How can the candidate add on the CV this reality? How to best answer interview questions if in the future may have a career gap?

Be open and honest! Everyone in the world is aware of the Covid-19 situation and what it has done to the job market. Nothing to be ashamed of! But if it is not because of the Covid-19 situation, do not make the mistake to 'blame' it on the situation.

Do you see online courses as a plus?

Absolutely! All relevant education is a plus! Knowledge is gold and no one can take that away from you! It also shows you are pro active and interested in being up to date. Make sure you included passed courses on your resume!

Thank you to Tana Storani for interviewing us at Undutchables Sweden. If you are curious to know more on international career / LinkedIn coaching, and personal branding, feel free to reach out to Tana by phone/ whats app or view her web site:

View parts of the interview here!


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