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Undutchables is making a difference for international talent in Sweden

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My experience with Undutchables in Sweden has been exceptional. Karin Björkman, the owner, provided constant support and always promptly responded to my emails and calls. She was very personable, kind, and friendly.

I truly believe in the efforts that Undutchables are making in Sweden. As an expat in Sweden, it can be quite difficult to find a job, even though many jobs are almost exclusively english speaking, most companies still want to hire a swedish speaker. I have spoken with many recruiters and Undutchables is the only company that are making big efforts to challenge companies on that front. I feel as though I owe a lot to Undutchables due to the fact that they are one of the few recruiters that are trying to make a change and thus providing greater opportunities for non-Swedes, including myself. I ended up receiving and accepting a great job offer with a great company through these efforts, and I will forever be grateful to Karin and Undutchables Sweden for providing that opportunity for me.

I can only offer the highest recommendation for Undutchables and I really hope they continue their efforts in Sweden because it is making a real difference, not only by providing greater opportunities for qualified candidates, but also by allowing companies to become more diverse and thus able to obtain a wider range of perspectives from the international market.



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