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Meet the Recruiter- Karin Björkman

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Karin joined the Undutchables team in 2000 after having seen an Undutchables billboard at Schiphol. She contacted Undutchables and was sent on an interview with one of our clients. However, very soon afterwards an Undutchables office opened in Eindhoven and she was asked to join the new manager there as a recruiter. The rest they say is history. Her biggest lesson as a recruiter has been learning not to make assumptions. Karin really enjoys talking to people and giving everyone an honest chance and finds a lot of fulfillment in taking the effort to find out who the person behind the resume is.

Originally from Sweden, Karin met her Dutch husband while she was studying in Switzerland. She currently lives near Eindhoven with her husband and two sons. Because Karin has lived in Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands she adapts easily to new cultures. Her experiences have also given her an understanding of the challenges of adjusting to a new culture and learning a new language.

When management in Undutchables expressed a desire to move Undutchables beyond the Dutch borders there was a mutual decision that they should open an office in Sweden with Karin as the manager. Having lived in the Netherlands for more than a decade her husband and herself have decided that it would be good for their children to also grow up in Sweden so they experience both cultures. On a professional level Karin says it is time, ‘’ it is really great to have the faith from management and to be allowed to take Undutchables abroad.’’ The international interest in Sweden and the fact that many new international companies are opening up in Sweden makes the move also very interesting. Karin is aware that after working in the Netherlands for so long she will have to make adjustments to accommodate both cultures  when she is back in Sweden. ‘’Swedish people love to network and finalizing deals takes a lot longer as there are a lot more meetings involved.’’

We have full faith in Karin’s ability to re adjust to Swedish culture and create a strong and positive network there. When asked if she will miss her team in Eindhoven, with whom she is very close, Karin replies, ‘’ very much, but the nice part about this new role is that even though I am in a different country and separated from my team in Eindhoven I am still very much a part of Undutchables.’’ We wish Karin all the best in the New Year and with her move, and we will be sharing more information about our new Swedish office in the near future!

Quickfire questions

Q: Frikandel or Kroket?

A: Kroket! I will miss those terribly in Sweden

Q: Sun or snow?

A: Snow

Q: Game of Thrones or House of Cards?

A: No idea, I have never seen either.

Q: The best trip you ever took with Undutchables in all those years?

A: Our ski trip in Austria in 2011 was the best ever! 


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