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Meetings with Undutchables Sweden

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Undutchables Sweden organizes a number of events for our clients and candidates. In May we had our kick off in cooperation with the Dutch chamber of commerce.  We are new on the market in Sweden, we profile ourselves as a partner for international operating companies. In November we invited contacts to join us for breakfast in the heart of Stockholm! For this special occasion we were proud to have an international minded entrepreneur and a specialist on the topic of company culture shaping, Michael Daun who guided us on the topic ‘culture impacts recruitment, leadership and retention, but who is responsible’?

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We mentioned in the invitation, November is cold and dark in Stockholm! And yes, it was cold and we were even honored to see the first snow of  the winter! This lightened up in the dark; however it was not easy for our guests to reach the venue. But they made it and we enjoyed a very nice breakfast buffet (best breakfast in town!) and listened to our inspiring speaker, Michael Daun, founder of

So who is responsible for the company culture? Does a company need a company culture, what is a company culture? We heard answers like ‘the people’ makes the culture, the CEO defines the culture, it is the responsibility of the top management, HR coordinates it and everyone plays a part.

For those who work within recruitment can use a company culture as a tool. Mostly people recruit people like themselves, but why not go out of your comfort zone and hire someone that differs to yourself which could be of added value for the company and its culture.  How can this differ be implemented and how can you see the added value to use the company culture as a tool within recruitment! 

Michael explained that the key to identifying a company culture is to define what is the current situation and what is the desired situation. The involvement of everyone is important, it is not only a CEO thing or a HR thing. The company culture is your brand! Companies set up core values, but how do they live up to them? How are they used within the company? Define what everyone could do more for the desired culture! And remember, a company culture is as important as your marketing budget! And doing little about your culture does not mean that you do not have a culture!

Tell me about your culture!

As an international recruitment agency we find it important to stay up to date with new developments within the HR branch and we enjoy sharing our expertise with our clients. If you joined us at this years’ events we hope you enjoyed it and if you could not make it this year we hope you can join us next year as we will have a brand new topic to discuss! 

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