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My experience with Undutchables Sweden

The first steps on the Swedish job market seemed to be much harder than I expected. As the cultural differences were much more apparent then I would have expected forehand. It was sort of required to speak Swedish fluently and since I do not speak the language fluently, I encountered a few barriers. However, Undutchables helped me to eliminate those barriers.

From the very first contact, I experienced a cooperative and convenient collaboration. First, Guido gave an elaborate and clear introduction regarding the company and the offerings they have as a company. By asking open questions together with the information on the website Guido and Karin obtained information that they cast in a profile which is presented to potential clients. This method proved to be very efficient since they enabled a job opportunity for me shortly after my first contact with Guido and Karin.

Dirk Carlier

What really stood out to me was that Guido and Karin really grasp your profile and see the potential of someone’s profile and whether a candidate is suitable for a position. They put significant effort into presenting potential candidates to clients. Moreover, throughout the process they generate feedback from their clients which is subsequently passed through their potential candidates for the potential position. This enabled me to prepare well for my meetings with the potential employer. To be more specific, at each stage, they give you some information on what can be important for the next stage within the recruitment process. The efforts and facilitation of Undutchables ended up in a job offer where I am now happily appointed as an Innovation consultant. On top of that, they also reach out after hiring to identify whether both parties are happy with the recruitment.

I can really recommend applying for the services of Undutchables since they really have the expertise to help you find a job especially, if, you are not a Swedish native.

Dirk Carlier, a happy Undutchables Sweden candidate


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