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My first step onto the Swedish job market

When my partner and I moved to Stockholm in summer 2017 I expected I wouldn’t have much trouble finding a new job and continuing my career here. I am a cognitive neuroscientist with a degree from UCL and an altogether diverse and multidisciplinary CV. My plan was to start by learning the language and building a local network. With SFI, online courses and språkkafeer, I was very successful in the first. The second however, turned out to be much harder. Not many employers in interesting Swedish organisations appeared to be open for a casual coffee meeting with someone they hadn’t met before.

At some point I applied to a job ad shared by Undutchables Sweden. Karin Björkman forwarded my letter together with some positive energy and sparkles and I was invited to my first job interview - and subsequently landed my first job in Sweden! From January 2018 I was employed as a part-time language teacher.

It might not have been my dream-job, but it was my first step onto the Swedish job market. When half a year later I actively looked for a next step, I was invited to numerous job interviews and even offered several positions! From September 2018 I combined my teaching with an exciting job at a cognitive health 4-women start-up.

At a start-up a lot can happen in little time. From last month (February 2019) I stepped up as the full-time cognitive research lead within Minnemera ( This forced me into a bitter-sweet goodbye with my students and first employers in Sweden.

It seemed I only needed a helping hand with my first step before everything started rolling. Thank you very much Undutchables Sweden to provide me with this very well timed helping hand!

Article by Wobbie van den Hurk


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