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One year Of Undutchables Sweden

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On the second of January 2017 I officially started Undutchables Sweden. A true story of ups-and-downs and an ongoing and unimaginable rollercoaster ride.

Relocating back to Sweden after years of living in The Netherlands, I pretty much thought I had prepared everything for my arrival back in Sweden. I went to “Skatteverket “ to re-register and ‘activate’ my  “personnummer” so I could get started. I was surprised that it took longer than expected and that meant that I had to improvise when for example getting phone subscriptions and so on. Pretty soon, however I was up and running and with great help from my colleagues in The Netherlands I was actually doing business within the first month! It became even more clear to me, that the market in Sweden is not the same as the one in The Netherlands. The need for international talent is clearly present here, but in Sweden a lot of companies have not realized this yet. Not the major players though, but they have decided a long time ago to do their own recruitment and not to work with agencies anymore. This leaves a huge challenge for me also because the market is pretty different compared to The Netherlands. It is still EU, but yet so different! 

Kick Off Sweden

In May the official kick-off event was organized at the Dutch Embassy in cooperation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Karin Tenelius from “Tuff leadership training”. Having her as the keynote speaker and together with some good food made the first official event a success. The overall response was very positive and there was a good balance between candidates and potential clients.

Regularly blogs are being published about topics that are important for our clients and candidates and in that way I am trying to profile Undutchables on the Swedish market. One of the products that we offer to our international clients, the one stop shop concept, has proved to be very successful as well. We assist international clients with their establishment in Sweden and their recruitment. The idea of “No cure, no pay” worked against us in the beginning, rather than to our advantage.  It works differently in Sweden, most clients are new to the idea that they only pay for something once the recruitment has been done. Clients that have experienced this service are however very enthusiastic about the approach. Furthermore, we believe in an open and honest communication!

Last year we started with a series of interviews on the topic of Diversity and Cultural Background and the need for international talent in Sweden. I was happy to find so many people willing and able to share their thoughts on these topics and it has given us some interesting views on what Undutchables really stands for. This series will be continued during 2018 as already more people have committed themselves to being interviewed. 

During the summertime most Swedes and companies enjoy the summer holidays and most companies operate on a part time basis. However, our international clients were very active and business was done even in the summer!

Img 7780

We hosted in the month of November a breakfast meeting,  where professional key note speaker Michael Daun spoke about diversity and company culture. He is a true entrepreneur! Michael is living in Belgium and is a real believer of the importance to improve productivity by trying to understand different cultural backgrounds. The event was hosted at the First Choice Hotel Kungsbron in the middle of Stockholm and unfortunately exactly on that day, the weather gods decided to grace us with snow. This may have influenced the number of attendees but we were very happy with the people that defied the weather and were present at our event. This too was a great mixture of candidates and customers. 

In short I can look back on a very fruitful first year of Undutchables Sweden. We are proud to have been able to help many clients and candidates with their recruitment needs so far. The customer base is increasing  by the day with more candidates registering with Undutchables Sweden. Of course, for the year 2018 I have many new ideas planned out and will be focusing on the further growth of Unducthables Sweden.

Having said that, this is not something that is done alone. As you can read from this story, many people were involved in introducing Undutchables Sweden to the market and shaping it into the Agency it is today, and is aspiring to be in the future. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful to be working with such talented people each and every day.

I would also like to thank our customers and candidates for their trust in Undutchables Sweden. Especially for trusting and understanding the unconventional way we do business compared to how it is done in Sweden. Together I am convinced that we can make 2018 even better.

2018 here we come !!!

Karin Ura Jas

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