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Preparations for working in Sweden

You have sent a lot of applications without any reply, you have called every contact you could find and still, no work. It is, unfortunately, true that many internationals and ex-pats can confirm that it is difficult to find English-speaking jobs in Sweden. Well, we know it is not impossible, so do not give up!

Here we share some tips on how to look for a job in Sweden and how you can prepare for the expected behavior on the Swedish job market.

What’s the job market in Sweden like in 2021?

When you’re looking for a job in Sweden, it is good to know what the job market is like. When looking for a job in Sweden, Stockholm is probably the city you think of first, however, there are more areas n Sweden that are looking for skilled employees! Göteborg and Lund for example, both have international Hubs, that are helping internationals in landing in Sweden.

Are you open to a vacancy in the field of hospitality or customer service? Stockholm is overflowing with tourists, hotels, shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants, where you meet (only) English-speaking personnel. They are always looking for extra people to join the team, especial now, in the post-Corona era. But there is so much more. the Start-up scene is booming right now and almost all IT-related positions do not require Swedish. Also, within marketing and the tech area, there are opportunities out there!

What to do when looking for English speaking jobs in Sweden

Check all the boxes

When you are new to job hunting in Sweden you will have to make sure you have all the necessary documents and information in order to land that dream job. EU citizens from the EEA (European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) are free to live and work in Sweden. If you’re from outside of the EU, you typically need to apply for a residence permit or obtain a work permit. The working permit needs to be applied by the employer.

Whatever your situation is, make sure you have checked all the information you need in order to check all the boxes so you can start your job hunting procedure.

Don’t be afraid to network or ask for help

You are not the first or the last one, that will be looking for English-speaking jobs in Sweden. This means you won’t have to do it alone and that there are lots of informative sources to help you. If you are new in any city in Sweden, you might not have many contacts yet. Look up if there are any groups for internationals you can join in order to meet people. You never know who you will meet and who is willing and able to help out.

Especially professional help is also never far away. You can apply for jobs yourself, or you can work with a recruitment agency. Recruiters have a lot of knowledge of the Swedish job market. Moreover, recruitment agencies save you a lot of time by only sending you vacancies from companies interested in diversity and the skill set you bring

Take initiative!

Do not be afraid to try your luck with a company that doesn’t have any vacancies listed, you might be able to still get in by sending an unsolicited application. Show that you are proactive! Perhaps you know someone that knows someone, that is usually very helpful. Or reach out to someone from the HR department, so you can address your application to a particular person.

And make sure to tailor-make your resume and cover letter for to the specific job. Adapt your CV to the Swedish job market.

Learn the language (or at least a few words)

It is always handy if you are able to speak some Swedish. That will show that you are keen and interested in adapting to the Swedish culture. For some jobs, it is not necessary to speak the language, however, for socializing and small talk, it is always good if you speak Swedish. And, a reasonable amount of knowledge could help you land a job.

You can learn Swedish by following Swedish lessons, either in private or in groups. Check here on where you can apply for Swedish lessons. Check this link for Swedish language courses.

Learn the Swedish business behavior and how to prepare yourself for working in Sweden

If you are a newcomer in Sweden, it can be difficult to understand the (unspoken) rules and the social codes that apply to the Swedish job market.

In order not to feel insecure about what are accepted behaviors in Sweden, The Newbie Guide, together with the Business Behaviour expert Annmarie Palm from Relationista, has created the course Business behavior: Accepted and expected behavior in the Swedish job market. ‘Business behavior: Accepted and expected behavior in the Swedish job market’. Check the courses online and prepare yourself for your new job in Sweden. Here you will learn how you create and maintain good relationships and how to connect with people in Sweden.

Or check out our vacancies and register. We will try our best to help you find your dream job.

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