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Seeking the perfect candidate?

From a personal perspective the world never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to recruiting. I constantly see vacancies which seem impossible to fill.

Of course it is important to have the necessary skills for a vacancy but sometimes I question certain requirements. Here in Sweden for example, it is very common that businesses ask applicants to speak Swedish. You might think that is logical, but the funny thing is; by diving deeper into certain vacancies, I have discovered that the corporate language is ….. English. So why is it so important to speak Swedish then? Well in Sweden you have something called “Fika” and the Friday afternoon mingle. For some reason this social event is mostly done in Swedish and is a backbone of the way Swedes do business.

Besides speaking Swedish, you also need a lot of technical qualifications. I recently saw a vacancy where I counted so many qualifications that would take up to almost 30 years of education. The best part? They were seeking someone preferably in the age category 25-30 years old. Do you see my point? I’m not denying the fact that there are people who would be able to fulfill these requirements, but they generally already work for major companies and are therefor not available on the current job market.

So is it impossible to find the perfect candidate? In my opinion it is not! The perfect candidate is not the most easiest to find, but the positive aspect of this is that there are many perfect candidates available. Furthermore, a lot of recruiters are too focused on technical requirements and do not read between the lines. In this world of globalization it’s surprising to see that, to this day, most recruiters tend to see only what is in front of them and forget the overview. Diversity and cultural background is becoming the future. However, it also takes some courage from companies and recruiters to move out of their comfort zone and hire a candidate who does not seem like the obvious choice. This can be more time consuming, however, from personal experience the results might surprise you. It is proven that numerous companies are more satisfied with the candidate and the candidate is happier at his/her new job, because they share a mutual interest. This interest being that they both want to grow and flourish.

Good luck and do not forget to explore the less obvious choices!

Karin Björkman


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