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Sweden’s National Day

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Time for celebration on Sweden! What are we celebrating?

Date: 6th of June

Country: Sweden

Reason for celebrating this day: Gustav Vasa came to the throne as Sweden’s next King in 1523

Traditions: Sweden raises their national flag, it’s an official Salutday, Army has a parade from Logården

Used to be called: Svenska flaggans dag (1916–1983)

Sweden’s National day or "Svenska flaggans dag" is always celebrated on the 6th of June every year and is an official bank holiday in Sweden. Before, the day was just known as "Svenska flaggans dag". It’s from 1983 on that this day officially became a national bank holiday. Furthermore, this day is also a Salutday.

The 6th of June is being celebrated in remembrance of the crowning of King Gustav Vasa on the 6th of June 1523.

Things to know!

Not everyone celebrates the 6th of June. In the beginning, only about one-third of Swedes actively celebrated this day. On a more positive note, records show that this group has increased by almost 31 percent of the total population.

Another new tradition has been laid down by the King of Sweden. Since the 6th of June has officially become a bank holiday, the King has proclaimed that everyone is welcome in the Kings’ castle for free. So no entrance fee is charged. Keep in mind though, not all the parts of the castle are open for visitors. Still, it’s very impressive and one gets a true “royal” feeling walking through these corridors and chambers.

Many Swedish traditions are connected with traditional food. Take Christmas for example, which is known in Sweden for its Christmas ham, Easter for its eggs and not to forget one eats herring with Midsummer. In line with this, the 6th of June is more and more known for grilling and to picnic in the beautiful nature that Sweden has to offer. Lately, it’s also become more common to eat the “smörgåstårta”.

So you see it’s all about traditions and most of all enjoying life, so enjoy this 6th of June!

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