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Swedish Business Culture

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Working in Sweden; what do you need to know in order to be successful

For many internationals, there is a dream to work in Sweden. Sweden is known for very successful companies, like Spotify, IKEA, Klarna, and Ericsson. As well as the successful music industry. The beautiful nature and the good social security system. It is an amazing country, known for its successful welfare and the beautiful summers. But also the dark winters. How is it to live and work in Sweden? Is it suitable for you and how can you prepare for making your Swedish working journey a success?

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Communication style

The communication style in Sweden is participative, everyone is encouraged to share their perspective. Swedes tend to avoid conflicts or confrontations and refrain from raising their voice or showing anger. Especially at work. One may rather step away or look away than show anger. Read here for more information on business communication in Sweden.

Take a course and learn the Swedish business behavior and how to prepare yourself for working in Sweden

If you are a newcomer in Sweden, it can be difficult to understand the (unspoken) rules and the social codes that apply to the Swedish job market.

In order not to feel insecure about what have accepted behaviors in Sweden, The Newbie Guide, together with the Business Behaviour expert Annmarie Palm from Relationista, has created the course Business behavior: Accepted and expected behavior in the Swedish job market. ‘Business behavior: Accepted and expected behavior in the Swedish job market’. Check the courses online and prepare yourself for your new job in Sweden. Here you will learn how you create and maintain good relationships and how to connect with people in Sweden. Are you interested in this course? Please feel free to use the code UNDUTCHABLES25 and recieve 25% discount on the course for Business behavior! The code is valid until the 31st of December 2021.

Read the full press release here.

Consensus & Hierarchy

Sweden has a strong meeting culture. And a strong and rooted tradition of gaining consensus before decisions are made. Consensus-building can be a very time-consuming process, which influences the decision-making process. Do not expect quick decisions or results. Also, they have a flat hierachy style.

Lunch & Fika

A warm lunch including a meal, side salad, bread, drink AND coffee for 150 Swedish kronor! That is Dagens Lunch! Business in Sweden is often done during lunch time. Fika is a trendy word nowadays, but it basically means 'drink coffee and it is a time to recharge. Traditionally you had a coffee break at 11.00 and 15.00 where everyone would leave their desk to meet in the coffee corner and have a break. Sometimes with a cinnamon bun or so, fresh from a nearby bakery. Nowadays it is still a time to recharge and to meet up and discuss other things than business. However, do not underestimate the Fika moment, this is also a moment where business is being discussed!

Swedish Labor Law & Social Security System

Sweden is known for its family-friendly environment and free health- and child care. In return, you do pay a lot of taxes! You can read about the Swedish labour law and work environment here. And for information on the Swedish social insurance here.

Do your research & Be patient

Before moving here, do your research on life in Sweden. You can read about living in Sweden here! Sometimes finding a job is a lottery. Being the right person at the right place at the right time. Sometimes it takes time, so be patient! Also, should you not receive any feedback on your application, never take it personally.

Learn Swedish

For most jobs, the Swedish language is required. Mostly, for C-level positions, Swedish is not required. Also, within the start-up scene, there are a lot of English-speaking positons. However, speaking some Swedish is always handy. If not at work, then for outside work, when integrating into the social life in Sweden. Curious about how you can learn Swedish, check this link Swedish language courses.

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