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Talent hunt - looking for a job in Sweden - part 1

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Undutchables Sweden got interviewed by Tana Storani →

Career/Linkedin Strategist & Personal Brander, on how the recruitment situation is on the Swedish market. This is the first part of a series of 3 interviews.

Undutchables Sweden is recruiting internationals and Swedish home comers for jobs on the Swedish market. We bring personal experience on how it is to move to a country, learning a new culture, a new language and adopting to the local market. Looking for a job in a new country brings challenges and that is where we are to help!

Country Specifics – when looking for a job in Sweden

In your opinion, how is the market in the Sweden? Is the country heavily hiring? Which areas?

We see – due to the Covid-19 situation – that a lot of hiring has been put on hold, however in the sectors of IT programmers, finance, health care, pharma, e-commerce and logistics are areas where there are movements.

Can you give me your overview in relation to the salary range in Sweden? What is the minimum wage?

There is no minimum salary by law in Sweden. Here the minimum salaries are set up by the trade unions in collective agreements. It depends on what area the job is within. There is something such as entry level salaries, all depending on sector and job though.

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Do you see COUNTRY open to recruiting foreigners? What skills and languages do candidates need to master to have a higher chance of employment?

Yes, there are many foreigners/ internationals working in Sweden. A (higher) education in any field is always good to have and even though all Swedes do speak English, a lot of positions still require Swedish. And Swedes are in general well educated and speak good English, so the competition is high.

How does the visa sponsorship work in Sweden? Do you have any tips in relation to the visa application?

As a EU member you do not need a working permit for working in Sweden. However, in order to register in Sweden and get a personal number, you need to register at the tax office, Skatteverket. Then you will need to show that you have an income in Sweden. So, basically, in order to register here, you will need a job. It can be handy to read this before moving here, link to the Swedish Tax Authorities.
Non EU members will need a working permit for working in Sweden. (For Visa requirements I would advice to check information given by the Swedish Embassy in the country of your origin). The application for a working permit is being done by the employer, hence, one needs to secure a position before moving here. Read more on what you need in order for the employer to apply for a working permit for you if you need a working visa for working in Sweden.

I know that many candidates are apprehensive to ask about the visa sponsorship. In your opinion, how would be the best way to ask a recruiter if the company gives sponsorship?

One should always ask! A recruiter will know if you will need a permit or not. If you are the right person with the right skills and the company is hiring international talents, they would not hesitate to apply for the permit for you. However, a lot of companies are not familiar with the working permit procedure and it can be time consuming and take time before the permit is granted, therefore a lot of companies choose candidates with valid papers already, unfortunately.

What tips could you share with us about the Swedish culture that would make it easier for foreign candidates to adapt to the job market?

I would advise everyone to read about the Swedish culture and learn and to create awareness of the Swedish culture before moving here. It always makes the transition smoother. Learning some Swedish is also beneficiary.

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Talent Hunt in Sweden

What are the recruitment channels most used by recruiters? Which channels candidates should always be visible? (job boards, LinkedIn, facebook, referral)

It is important to have the right network in Sweden, so it can be difficult for an international to find their way here. A good profile at LinkedIn is good to have, join a local club to get to know locals and get local referrals. That works the best.

LinkedIn is a good tool for your job hunt as well as Indeed.

See a part of the video interview here!

Do you prefer referrals or another source of recruitment?

A referral is always good; however, you need to show pro activity yourself.

Should candidates have 90 to 100% of the skills and experience to apply for a position?

I never believe there is a 100% match anyway, but yes, the closer to the match you are the better it is. Should you not have the most essential what is asked, I should not apply. The question is if you should apply for a job where it says, ‘Swedish is required’, I would say – it depends. In most cases, it is within an organization where Swedish is spoken and where they say they are open to internationals and they all speak English, it might be too Swedish oriented anyway. Perhaps it is an organization where you do not wish to work for anyway.


In relation to COVID-19, unfortunately, many professionals lost their jobs. How can the candidate add on the CV this reality? How to best answer interview questions if in the future may have a career gap?

Be open and honest! Everyone in the world is aware of the Covid-19 situation and what it has done to the job market. Nothing to be ashamed of! But if it is not because of the Covid-19 situation, do not make the mistake to 'blame' it on the situation.

Do you see online courses as a plus?

Absolutely! All relevant education is a plus! Knowledge is gold and no one can take that away from you! It also shows you are pro active and interested in being up to date. Make sure you included passed courses on your resume!

Thank you to Tana Storani for interviewing us at Undutchables Sweden. If you are curious to know more on international career / LinkedIn coaching, and personal branding, feel free to reach out to Tana by phone/ whats app or view her web site:


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