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The Undutchables Sweden’s talent pool

What is the new new? Working remotely, working flexible hours, short time, free lance?? Time will tell. However, to grow your company, you depend on having the right talent on board! So when the needs will arise – we have the right talent for you.

The market might be less dynamic as a few months ago but let us learn how to embrace the new way of working.

We see a movement on the market now, however there are branches that are still in need of good talents:

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Customer Care
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics

Branches that are busy now are food companies, pharma & healthcare, video streaming, digital entertainment, cloud services etc.

It might be a vacancy stop for new hires and the market has slowed down for some sectors, however it has resulted in more activities in other areas. It is important, as a recruitment company, to understand the market and the new demands. For sure, for some sectors, good talents are still in demand. And now if ever, there are more people on the lookout than normal.

At Undutchables Sweden we love talking about recruitment! We love interacting with potential candidates and create opportunities for them. We love building long lasting relationships and candidates keeps coming back to us – due to our personal approach.

At Undutchables Sweden we meet up with candidates and build a pipeline and with a proactive approach we are taking steps that can be done before a vacancy arises- which our clients can profit from. In stead of starting a recruitment process that will take perhaps a few weeks, why not consider meeting our candidates in our talent pool – ready to start working and adding value to your business.

We continue to invent in how to connect and give tutorial tips to our talents.

Why talent pools?

A benefit of having a wide talent pool is reducing your time to fill, where the initial work of sourcing, screening, selecting and pre-qualifying candidates has already been completed.

Our candidates in the talent pool all have an international background and bring experiences within the areas of IT, Sales, business development and all related commercial positions such as customer support and customer success skills, Marketing; all kinds of digital expertise you need, Operational Management, Change Management. We can also provide you with talents within the financial area, from accounts payable, general accounting to CFO.

How does having a talent pool making a difference?

This makes us be one step ahead when it comes to sourcing candidate when a need arises. This is also a way of building our brand- a reliable partner for your international talents on the Swedish market.

With our talent pool, we have identified knowledge, skills and abilities of the candidates and stay in contact with them to find out what their next step would be and where they would fit in with your vacancies.

For candidates

Actively or passively looking for a new job opportunity?

Are you on the look out for a new job opportunity? Are you new in Sweden and in need of that helping hand to build your network here? Or are you perhaps not aware of that you are interested in a new step in your career? Deep inside, you might think ‘when the right opportunity arises’ then I am always interested! Or, you are a Swede, living abroad with a wish to move back to Sweden and do not know where to start when it comes to find a job.

Make sure you ‘line up’ now for future jobs, now it is the time to build your key relationships.

We offer you to join our talent pool, so we proactively can be on the lookout for new opportunities for you. Join our talent pool- sign up today and we will get back to you with a personal message.


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