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The freedom to roam

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The Nature in Sweden - Freedom to roam

The nature in Sweden is fantastic! Being outside in nature stimulates the brain and one gets more creative and productive. This is important now, especially when we all work from home!

It is also a period where the ‘freedom to roam’ law is being experienced in the best way possible. Now, this law is pretty unique and very common in most of the Scandinavian countries. It basically comes down to “Don’t disturb anyone and have respect for property and nature”. (“Allemansträtten” in Swedish, it applies all year long though).


The everyman's right

Some Do’s and Don’ts of this law :

  • It’s allowed to pick blueberries and mushrooms in the forest as well as wild flowers (not all flowers are allowed though)
  • You can drink and / or use water from wells, rivers and lakes.
  • You are also allowed to set up your tent for a maximum time of 24 hours anywhere you like as long as the property is not privately owned of course.
  • You are allowed to make an open fire unless it is restricted by dry season. (this information is being given by the local authorities)
  • Your pets are also allowed to roam free in nature but there is an exception. During the period of the 1st of March until the 20th of August they have to be lined because of the different mating seasons of a lot of wild animals.
  • It is furthermore allowed to fish along the coastal waters and on the 5 major lakes. Should you want to fish anywhere else, you will have to buy a fishing permit at the local tourist office.
Natur foto 2 eric

So as you can see, Sweden is a very open country when it comes to what you are allowed to experience out in the nature and as said before it is a great feeling to be outside and enjoy it. In the autumn when you go down to the forest, you will find cars parked at the strangest places. The reason for it is most likely that the people are in the forest looking for mushrooms and or blueberries or cranberries. Don’t get your hopes up to high though, as especially the mushroom picking is a challenge in itself. It takes some experience but once you have gotten the hang of it , it will give you a great feeling of accomplishment. It’s very common to find ‘chanterelles’ for example and they are very tasty. If in the end of a long day searching you come home with maybe one or two mushrooms and you start thinking ‘Is this it’? ?”………….. don’t forget you’ve had a great work out in the beautiful nature! If you can not find any… you can always go to the shop and buy them there!


© Eric Roxfelt


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