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The need for international talent

Are you in need of international talents and knowledge on how you can boost your organistion by integrating diversity?

We kicked off this year by co-hosting a breakfast meeting on the topic of international talent and international leadership. During this event, we talked about what is internationalization, what is globalization, what is international talent and how can you boost your organisation by working with diversity. Furthermore, we discussed if this diversity needs a different approach out of a leadership perspective?

Karin Björkman, Owner of Undutchables Sweden, shared her experience and expertise on recruitment of internationals and how this can help companies increase their business.

“More and more businesses have to consider employing people with a different background other than a Swedish one which can provide big advantages”, says Karin Björkman.

The audience, all with a HR background, also discussed and shared ideas on their experiences on this topic.

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Carl-Eric Herlitz, owner at TUFF Leadership Training, gave us his expertise and insights on cultural differences and if leading an ‘international team’ differs to leading a national team.

He explained that the issues managers are confronted with regardless of their nationality, are the same all over the world.

The event was highly appreciated by the attendees; a mix of HR professionals with experience in this topic, HR professionals that wanted to learn more, and internationals that shared their experience on what they bring to the table as an international talent.

A new session will follow on May 23rd, 2019. Curious to know more on this topic! Do not hesitate to contact us at or register for the next event here.


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