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Three Signs That Can Indicate When You Are in the Wrong Career

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Millions of people land jobs that are not a great fit for their skills or qualifications. But why? Well, there’s myriad reasons this may occur, but typically a person may pursue a bad career match when they are trying to appease someone else, or if it is the first job they are offered out of college. Unfortunately, people who land in the wrong career rarely leave their profession due to becoming complacent and comfortable.

If you believe that you may be on the wrong career path, do not simply accept it as a fact. Watch out for some of the key indicators that can tell you you are in the wrong field. If you see any of these signs, waste no time and begin looking into other jobs right away. Staying in a career that isn’t a good match will only cause more stress and damage your overall mental health.

So what are some of the common signs you should watch out for?

Constant Complaining About Work

Everybody has days when they need to complain about their job or a project that was assigned to them. However, if you notice that you are complaining about work every single day and can never seem to focus, then you should consider the possibility that you are actually in the wrong career. Your first step should be to take a close look at what exactly you are complaining about.

Take the task or detail you seem to be complaining about and determine whether or not it can be easily fixed by switching jobs within your company. If what you are complaining about is deeper, a career change may be necessary. It may help you to know that the average person switches careers somewhere in the range of five to seven times throughout their life.

There’s no reason to settle for a path that leaves you complaining to your friends after work every day. When it comes to the best reasons for leaving a job, doing so because you are looking for a new challenge is certainly acceptable, and is a choice that future employers will respect. Stop complaining about your career and do something to fix it.

A Different Career Catches Your Eye

As technology advances, the new jobs that are emerging are getting more fascinating by the day. It’s natural to be interested in these jobs and the people who do them. However, if you notice a job opening that actually seems to be exciting and a great fit for your skills, you should consider going for it.


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