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Trade unions in Sweden - what is your benefit?

Sweden has several trade unions, each of which focuses on a different target group or industry. But what exactly is a trade union and why should you join it? We will discuss this in detail in this blog post.

What is a trade union?

A trade union is an organization that represents the individual and collective interests of affiliated employees. The most important task of a trade union, and already a good reason for joining a trade union, is to negotiate working conditions with the employer on behalf of the employees. This includes wages, the collective labor agreement and, for example, working hours and working conditions.

What does a trade union do?

A trade union can mean a lot to you and your colleagues. The largest trade unions in Sweden are LO, TCO, and Saco, which are divided along occupational and educational lines in line with the traditional way in which Swedish Employees are grouped, and there is a considerable co-operation between them. The main task of a trade union is to join forces of workers so that a collective can be formed. This collective can speak at an equal level with employers and politicians. The unions in Sweden are powerful and they do have the ability to negotiate good working conditions. However, they are nothing without their members. So signing up for a membership is the main way to enforce the unions and ensure they keep on doing their job successfully.

One of the things trade unions do is make agreements with large companies, branches, or politics based on the interests of the employees that you as an individual could not realize. Think of agreements about work and income that are subsequently recorded in the collective labor agreement (CLA). The bigger the trade union, the more influence it can exert.

A collective agreement is a voluntary agreement between employees and employers and employees on the rights in the workplace. What the collective agreement does, is regulating pay increases every year, overtime pay, supplementary insurance schemes, the right to exert influence, and so on.

Why should you join a trade union?

It does cost money to join a union, however, in the end, it will only be to your benefit. If they can negotiate higher salaries, it is to your advantage. As well as the following:

  1. Membership offers and benefits
  2. Individual support and advice (CV, employment interviews, coaching, mentor, etc.)
  3. Cheap a-Kassa (unemployment insurance) - See link for more information.
  4. Income insurance – extra money if you are out of work
  5. Sweden's best salary statistics - Check salaries!
  6. Interesting seminars and networking
  7. Pension and insurance policies with beneficial terms and conditions
  8. Advisory services for managers
  9. Support when working overseas
  10. Guidance throughout your career

In short, it can be handy to join a union in Sweden.

To gain more information on this you always join The Local and read their article: "Should foreign workers in Sweden join a union?"

Or view this list to get a list of all trade unions in Sweden.


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