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​Wake up “cold” calling

Being a fairly new player in a new market, one of my tasks is cold calling to build up my network. Well being as it may, in this world of direct approach; there is still a lot to gain from this way of work.

I recently called a major international company, I truly believe that we have suitable international talent for their kind of business. However, I immediately heard that the ring tone was different as I dialed, and yes, the person I tried to reach was in New York at the time. It wasn’t the most professional conversation I have had in my life but nevertheless we agreed that I would call him back in the beginning of next week.

As agreed, I phoned back the next Tuesday and he was more or less surprised that I actually did call him back as promised. In most countries were I have worked and lived  this is more or less a rule . I have noticed that here in Sweden it is obviously not that common.

I explained  who we are and the way we work, and that we have been working like this for more then over 20 years in the Netherlands with great success. Furthermore, I explained that we focus  on diversity and cultural background of candidates which got him very enthusiastic. By now I had good hopes that we at least could have a cup of coffee to talk a little bit more. However, that is not how our phone conversation ended.

He continued our conversation by explaining that the company had recently decided to stop using the services of recruiting companies. Bear in mind they had about 80 vendors for recruitment and had already scaled back to 50 recently. The goal is to work with two or maybe stop working with agencies in general.. He explained the reason for it and, although I am not happy with his reason, I am very thankful that he actually did share it with me. He explained that the business they are active in has a expansive customer base with a lot of diversity. With expansive I mean people from all over the world with different ages and cultural backgrounds. The recruitment agencies they were working with were basically not capable of offering  them the right candidates. That is why they decided to do the recruiting themselves. This is very unfortunate for recruiting  companies in general, and a missed opportunity for the whole industry. Nevertheless, there is something to be learned from it.

Colleagues get out of your comfort zone and embrace the world. I am convinced the recruitment industry is capable of supplying major, diverse companies. Don’t go for the obvious and “dive” into your customer’s needs. We can do this!

Karin Björkman

Owner Undutchables Sweden

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