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EQ for self-success: What we give is what we receive! Shun angst & share EQ enhanced Goodness-Happiness

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Inez Vermeulen, a business thought leader on a mission to transform people & businesses from the inside out (EQ+PQ*) is sharing valuable information on the importance of EQ in your personal as well as your professional life. In the second series of EQ, our guest Inez Vermeulen is sharing valuable insights on the importance of EQ is important in our lives and how EQ can boost business results.

What we give is what we receive! Shun angst & share EQ enhanced Goodness-Happiness

In a web-transparent world our actions, thoughts and reactions often easily get captured and virally shared on social media, WhatsApp and different community-sharing platforms by people connected with us - at times without our knowledge. We all strive to feel good and be known for the good and all this is easier than we all think! Being grateful for all that we have been blessed with – our skills, connections, wealth, opportunities, family, friends, and professional-social status is easier than feeling inadequate, disappointed by certain unfortunate events that sometimes befall us all. Being in control of our negative emotions by boosting our EQ and mind-positivity is well within our grasp and its what the doctor ordered too! With higher EQ and people empathy we can change our reality by focusing on the ‘half-glass-full’ side of events than by being sunk by half-glass-empty- mindset’s negativity. To do good for others with enhanced EQ levels that help us better understand others’ life and work challenges, is psychologically uplifting for us all as our minds gets enriched by enhanced happiness thanks to people’s gratitude received. Karmically speaking, the universe is always watching and rewarding our these higher EQ inspired good deeds. And the more good deeds that we do, with higher EQ levels the better future rewards universe sends to us, when we need them most!

Toxicity is a double edged sword – hurts you & people

Our minds control our emotions and hence toxicity & irrationality are well under our (mind) control. Yet often our minds and emotions spin out of control and we often find ourselves getting sucked into a downward spiral of negativity-toxicity & anger. So what’s actually anger? Its when we lose our minds, lose control over emotions! Would you ever want to loose your mind-control and damage our carefully cultivated reputation? Hell no, never! When we get angry, we release harmful (toxic) neurochemicals that can create havoc in our brain & body. However, our minds are always well within our control and so are our emotions + EQ. Infact our higher EQ and empathetic emotions are our most valuable treasures as they control our mindset, our performance. As the smartest earthlings blessed with the most powerful brain-body-mind system, our emotions and reactions are always well within our control. Who doesn’t want to always feel good? We all do! And its easy to feel genuinely good from within and glow with a wow aura-charisma, through consistent acts of genuine-soulful kindness and expressing gratitude to people, events & universe.

HAPPYou is Wow YOU!

As our happy emotions boost our mind-state, emotions & immune system, kindness, and wellness are linked! Being kind towards others & life-situations is actually mighty good for you – so what’s stopping you from unlocking the psychological, physiological, professional & fiscal treasures of kindness?! Mind-mastery with brain neuroplasticity coaching & guided meditation does takes days of disciplined engagements with its lab tested scientific techniques. With our minds being our life’s success ‘master-switch’ and we being the smartest earthlings with the most powerful willpower & inbuilt mind-control abilities, we can win the battle of mind control with higher EQ and appreciation of the world and people around us. And when we reign in a wayward mind with guided meditation, we do take control and win life’s many battles & challenges with kindness, happiness, financial finesse and wellness.

Inez Vermeulen PhD-HRevUp Expert & Brain Neuroplasticity Coach- VUCA world HResurrection, HRoutsouring, and NeuroCoaching expert (30+ years), Inez specializes in building-expanding international business across Europe & Leaders+people’s Mindset reset neuro coaching. Inez leverages neuroplasticity & corporate plasticity to boost adaptability, ROI, vitality, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, her evidence-based neuro coaching actualizes preventative-positive mindset & lifestyle changes. These enhance peak performance, creativity, health (mental+physical), happiness, empathy & resilience using the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. Her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality significantly boots EQ (empathy), IQ (intelligence), health & personal aura/charisma boosts across different age groups -school children to professional elders/ leaders. Contact her on Europe HR Solutions, Brainmind Global or LinkedIn

*EQ=Emotional Intelligence, the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions on oneself, of others, and of groups. PQ (Positive Intelligence).

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