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We are Undutchables

Undutchables Recruitment Agency, the international business recruitment pioneer in Sweden, has a proven track record in international job matching and placement. We help both starters and executive candidates, fluent in languages other than Swedish, advance their careers in Sweden.

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Whether you’re new to Sweden, thinking of relocating or simply want a change in career, Undutchables is the perfect partner for you. Are you seeking a job with an internationals scope? Are you a skilled international with experience under your belt, or do you speak languages other than English? Or are you an ambitious Swedish-native speaker with fluency in other languages? We have the perfect opportunity for you. Whatever your interests might be, we offer you the opportunity to explore your choices and find a company that is suitable for you. Are you working for a company that is looking to hire internationals in Sweden, contact us as we would like to introduce our Undutchies to you.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

Mark Twain

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